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Flower Care

Flower Care:

Flowers have always been an essential ingredient in the occasions of our lives, celebrating or commemorating life passages, as well as expressing appreciation of our relationships, achievements and events. Holding those special moments longer through flowers is easy with these following steps:

• Check the water level immediately upon arrival.

• If the flowers are arranged in a floral foam, all you have to do is add room temperature water daily.

• If flowers are arranged in a vase, re-cut flower stems at an angle and change water daily, if not using floral preservative. If you are using floral preservative, change water every 1-2 days and add preservative.

• Display your flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees F), away from direct sunlight.

• Avoid heating or cooling vents, area directly under ceiling fans, or top of television sets. Appliances such as televisions produce heat, causing the flowers to quickly dehydrate.

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